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Professional Development and Learning

Find out more about professional development courses running in the Midlands for Osteopaths and other Manual Therapists. 

Growing your Practice

Improve your communication with the patients you want to treat. 

Develop your practice with the help and support of the Midland Osteopathic Society. 

Support in the Community

Being an Osteopath can be a lonely job without the

support of your peers.

Collaborate with colleagues in the Midlands to get the best

out of your practice. 

What Our Members Say

Joanne Maidment

Chief Administrator

"I organise the logistical side of the Midland Osteopathic Society. From promoting and running educational events, to communicating with our members - I'm your

first point of contact!

Members can contact me with queries on courses and OSTEOchat events."

Emily Ward

Founding Member

"I wanted to make sure Osteopaths in the Midlands feel represented in our wider profession, and create a CPD community to promote best practice. Being a sole practitioner, or a new graduate, can be a lonely place - so it's vital to create good

community bonds."

Hans Sturm

OSTEOcast Host

"The OSTEOcast finds words to explain how osteopathy works, in a relatable and entertaining manner. It’s a conversation between practitioners; collecting ideas, philosophies and vocabulary around the topic we are all so passionate about. Giving us tools to better communicate with our patients and each other.”

“Alone we can do so little,

Together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller